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    Our Mission

    The mission of the Our School is to educate students and to help them develop hope for a future with the necessary skills and experiences for personal success.

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    Our Approach

    We know education is the key to success for students. In order to meet our student’s unique needs, Our has developed an innovative approach to learning where students gain the skills they need to improve their lives, develop awareness of their emotions and healthy coping skills, explore their passions and plan for a life of self-sufficient living. Our School provides students with a safe, stable environment for learning with wraparound services to meet their basic needs.

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    Our Focus

    Educational Growth: At our School, students build the foundation of knowledge they need for success. We believe that Every Child Can Learn. All students should have equitable access to learning, opportunities for achievement, and the pursuit ofexcellence in all aspects of their educational programs.
    Social Growth: Engaged students in learning and giving them the opportunity to exploretheir passion and attitudes about themselves, others.
    Other skills: Such as problem solving, critical thinking, and media literacy to prepare forthe new global. These skills allow students to plan for a life of self-sufficient living

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School Address

  • Opp Ali Gohar Plaza
    Near Qureshi Petrol Pump
    Supply, Abbottabad.